G20 protests
2009-09-30 15:17:25 ET

Assuming you already know what the G20 summit is I won't get into the reasons behind the protests. I simply want to know what you all think about how the police are handling it.

Here are some videos of protesters and riot police from G20 I found on youtube.



2009-09-30 19:01:20 ET

Well, in the first one, the police were perfectly justified, as the high ground is the area the harshest attacks can come from, gravity and cover being your friends. It makes perfect sense to clear out everyone, because disperse means disperse. There are more examples of peaceful protest being allowed, than riots being broken up like this.

The second one seems like the business of the MP's. It's possible that that guy was wanted for something.

Or Brownshirts are starting to take people off the streets, but the CIA has been blackbagging people for years, so meh :P

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