2002-12-15 01:21:13 ET

Okay. Hectic weekend galore.

The past few days have been like a rollercoaster ride, only fun.

Hmm... Well, lemme see

Thursday I rode off to Jerusalem, partied with my best friend Ariel for his 22nd birthday (I really need to get him on We drank and drank, saw Feldman, Moshe, Maayan, Gidon and a whole bunch of other names I haven't seen in ages and that don't mean dick to you guys, but this is my journal, so NA.
Feldman said he might drop by Tel-Aviv this week, I'll try n' catch him for some more alcohol consumption.
Okay, hmm.. Friday afternoon I went out with Liron for virtual shopping, coffee n' burgers in Tel Aviv. Yay! We stopped by Danny's (our piercer) studio. Seems my industrial is doing okay (w00t!).
Later that eve all hell broke loose, as I joined my girls Aya and Arianna and we went off to a Friday the 13th Vampire special at the local alternative club. We met up with Noa and Itay outside and drank some yummy alcoholic beverages.
Inside... Well, it's hard to recap, since I really drank a whole lot, but they did some nifty decorations, the music was awesome almost the whole night, and I danced around like there's no tomorrow. I really felt upbeat, which let me let loose and enjoy myself. I don't exactly know what was different - Probably it's all in my head - - but I think Friday was one of the best parties I've been too.
I'm thinking it's me though. Friday I was ... Different. Witty. Attractive. Cool. Brave.
I sort of felt good Thrusday night too, but not as intense. Could it be I'm developing an ego? It must be growing from all the alcohol I've been feeding it. Will next week be the same or will shy-self-conscious-insecure Shay strike back?
Stay tuned. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

Saterday (err, yesterday) night I went with Liron to Guidance concert. Well, it way Guidance and Seek Irony, but we didn't stay for the latter. They obviously aren't as good.
Hmm.. Seeing as it's rather improbable I'll be going to an Alice in Chains concert ever (not only am I in Israel, but Layne Staley is quite dead), so I guess Guidance is a small, symbolic, local substitute. For now. ;) They're really not half-bad, they need moe originality, though.

So anyhow, I'm at work now, another week begins....

Full of surprises, I'm sure.

:: Listening to Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever ::

2002-12-15 01:24:14 ET

errr BITCH
you said youll take me on virtual shopping too

2002-12-15 01:38:52 ET

wow....busy weekend.

2002-12-15 01:50:40 ET

Noa'le - you said you'd come wiv me to Jerusalem ;?P
Stam, we'll go this week, kay, love? I'm sorry, you're right, I should've called you after Liron invited me to come with her after lunch at her place...

Atina - Yup. BiziBEeeeeeeeeee

2002-12-15 01:52:34 ET


2002-12-15 01:54:50 ET

uh uh, cant go this week

2002-12-15 02:04:49 ET

Atina - You've seen "Best in Show"? Briliant flic!!

Noa - Awww, why not?

2002-12-15 02:07:55 ET

my parents are away for the weekend...welll..uh..i have plans ^_^

we can still do something some other day this week.

2002-12-15 02:32:15 ET


! ! ! ------

2002-12-15 02:43:45 ET

huzzah for good times and ego boosting! you deserve to be proud of yourself, you rawk! (-:

just dont go gettin a big head like fred durst and you'll be just fine ;-)

2002-12-15 02:59:15 ET

Awwwwwwyeaaahhhhh Come on you bitches, err, groupies, I mean, come on n' have sex with me! coz I'm big f(ph)at dickhead! yeaaawwrr!!!


I think it's one of the reasons I've grown to hate numetal. I listened to the first blossoms of it a few years back, and when they weren't so full of themselves it was okay, but for fucks sake, whatever happend to the sensitive-arty-rockist-posse? (e.g. Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Billy Corgan, Kurt Cobain, or even Trent Reznor).. I hate the Kid Rock-I'm-so-full-of-myself-and-I-have-lottsa-groupie-sex-and-do-videoclips-like-a-gangsta.

2002-12-15 03:04:15 ET

hahaha... Fred Durst... i'm so happy that he's finally gone, and i don't sse his face or hear one of his really bad songs every time i turn on the TV

2002-12-15 03:10:56 ET

"finally gone"? Whacha mean?

2002-12-15 03:16:18 ET

i like nu metal.

2002-12-15 03:17:06 ET

well, he's just not around anymore, i think his stupid band "Limping Cracker" broke up or something...

2002-12-15 03:26:43 ET

friday really had a weired feel to it... it was'nt just you.
and i know all about that alchoholic alter-ego stuff... but the come-downs , that's what i hate the most: that moment when you realize that you have lost it. kindda peralizing.

hey, i heared you got real close with the cleaning dude... :)

2002-12-15 03:40:54 ET

Noa - *gag*

Maya - heh heh? really? Well.. I gotta admit I did buy their first album when it came out (when it was like 'WHOA!!! You know LIMP BIZKIT???' heh heh. Lucky for demos flooding the internet), but right now I don't think I can care for any more of their music (well, I sortof like "just one of those days"... but.. grrr. DIE FRED! DIE!!)

Itay - Hmm, It wasn't just the regular alcohol-induced masquerade. It was..hmm. Well, I dunno. If you felt it too maybe it wasn't just me... Oh, and I never lose it. NEVER. I have a terrible fear of losing control, so while I might loosen up a bit, I'm never REALLY out there. Last time I slipped and let myself a bit too much loose, well, it wasn't a pretty sight ;)
Oh, and yeah, me n' Fin are now close buds. We're going out for coffee later. Not.

2002-12-15 03:42:21 ET


2002-12-15 03:48:43 ET

Yeah, we're on a name basis now. :)))))))))))

2002-12-15 03:53:23 ET

thats his name??? fin?? LOLL

2002-12-15 03:56:48 ET

I think, yeah.. he was sortof hard to understand..

2002-12-15 03:58:00 ET

fin rulz. i wanna buy him some good booz one day and hang with him on the sofa... again-not.
and when i said "lost it" i ment the moment when you feel like you no longer got that uber alter-you personality.
and i know just what ur saying. i cant bring myself to loose control too. the few times that i lost it, it freaked me so hard i couldnt drink a week or two after.

2002-12-15 04:01:32 ET

hmmm... yeah, i hear ya.

2002-12-15 05:05:51 ET

i'm getting ready to head off to work..i'm working 11 am 17:00 p,m,'s tiring...someone save me

2002-12-15 05:15:20 ET

love it. absolutely love it. a good party is a good party is a good time. mwah. sorry i havent been reading recently. blame society.

2002-12-15 10:11:44 ET

treason - *sympathy* I'm sick and tired of working, and I do 11-19 *cry* Oh, fuckit, that's bull. Money is goot.

Becky darlin', you're presence is always welcome here at my warm cozy comment pages... Whenever you just feel like it. :)

2002-12-15 13:37:08 ET

(hugs and warm fuzzies) i wuvvie you. :D

2002-12-16 03:15:58 ET

*fuzs and warm huggies* yeah!! *soft cuddly squeeky sounds!!*
I wuv you too mommie!!!

2002-12-16 03:16:48 ET


2002-12-16 03:18:32 ET


2002-12-16 03:18:57 ET

*jumps into Skanker's lap* huggggszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2002-12-16 03:36:35 ET

haha weee! <hugs back>

2002-12-16 04:52:24 ET

joy! happiness! the hills are alive with the sound of music!

2002-12-16 10:52:20 ET

please stop... i think i'm gonna throw up... :s

2002-12-16 14:03:14 ET

<hugs luna and spins her around in a circle>

2002-12-16 17:10:56 ET

you fucking bastard! i'm all dizzy now... i'm gonna add you to my buddy list for doing that! :)

2002-12-16 18:05:24 ET

eclipse: actually I have seen that movie.

2002-12-16 23:38:04 ET

luna, woohoo! ^_^

2002-12-17 00:03:27 ET

uber! I'm laughing my ass off here!

2002-12-17 00:06:48 ET

well good greif just dont overdo need your ass!

2002-12-17 00:07:48 ET

*start a campaign* SAVE MY ASS!!

2002-12-17 00:08:43 ET


2002-12-17 00:10:08 ET

Everyone, start rallying in the streets!

2002-12-17 00:10:25 ET

oh geez...

no blow joe

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