2009-11-29 10:41:21 ET

ladies and gents...getting my tongue pierced. yep. this is happening.

2009-11-29 10:47:19 ET

Get pics of the processed and make those not yet initiated squirm.

2009-11-29 11:04:15 ET

ibuprofen takes down swelling and reduces pain. 400 mg 3 times a day might make the healing process a little easier, though healing process on the tongue in general is pretty simple.

good luck!

2009-11-29 11:13:48 ET

is it true you have to carry around a bottle of mouthwash?

2009-11-29 11:20:10 ET

well, you just gotta take into consideration that you're walking around with an open wound in your mouth for about a week-ish, so getting food or beverage in there is no bueno. you can eat, but you just gotta wash your mouth out afterward (if you smoke, same thing applies). You can use something like biotene which is alcohol free, or even warm sea salt water (this stuff called H2Ocean has an aerosol spray and a mouthwash ... and i can vouch for the fact that it really speeds up the healing process on general open wounds and piercings alike). mouthwashes with alcohol in them can be drying and can irritate the piercing.

in the end, just take the normal precautions you'd take with an open wound, be it a piercing, or a normal cut.

2009-11-29 11:23:13 ET

yeah i've been washing my mouth out every morning and evening with moutwash for my new lip ring. And it's only been 1.5 wks and i feel like it's already healed. thx for the tips =]

2009-11-29 11:27:36 ET

no problemo :)

2009-11-30 13:17:30 ET

:D how did it go?

2009-11-30 18:01:38 ET

i'm doing it when i come home for christmas

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