2009-12-06 05:10:30 ET

so appparently i shouldn't be allowed to have emotions, alcohol, and a cell phone all in one night.

I hope i didn't fuck things up too bad. I feel like such a fucking loser. I had no reason to say what I did. But oddly enough i gained some insight into something i've been wondering about for a while. so...not all bad? eh...

i liked you finding ways to get to me. you know i'm the answer. just like i know you are.

2009-12-06 08:42:50 ET

drunk dialing ftw.

2009-12-06 12:06:33 ET

i find that more often then not, the drunk self is much more representative of ones true self. therfore anything you decided to do or feel or say is way more honest then if you were sober.

roll with it..

2009-12-06 19:00:24 ET

yes but is honestly REALLY always the best policy? lol

2009-12-06 19:38:52 ET

From what you said, you didn't say anything too bad.

I'm still sad I wasn't there.

2009-12-07 06:43:18 ET

yeah i know but i still feel like a dumbass ya know? lol

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