in 2009...
2009-12-22 21:17:11 ET

(i saw this on someone else's page and it inspired me...)

-I learned that closure is the best thing ever...especially when you get it from all 3 of those who hurt you
-saw Rob Zombie and Nekromantix
-Got a new tat and a lip ring
-Had the best month of my life
-Earned 2 prestigious military medals
-Went back to college and changed my major to art (my dad is so proud...)
-learned to draw/take better photos
-came back from knee surgery and made cuts for dance team competition
-Put an amazing woman and someone i wish i had known better to rest (♥ you Cheri)
-mended very old...and very fresh wounds
-got to know what i feels like to really love someone enough to love them through anything
-learned that hardest thing to do sometimes is to rely on yourself
-had tequila for the first time
-learned that every boy should have his tongue pierced....just sayin...

2009-12-24 12:09:29 ET

Even this boy?

2009-12-24 18:38:39 ET


2009-12-25 01:06:55 ET

Yeah, you're right, tongue gauges for every lad and mister!

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