2009-12-24 18:40:23 ET

Is it creepy to show up at a guy friend's door, who you had a thing with a while ago, after he hasn't been answering your texts all evening but you don't want him to spend Christmas alone?


2009-12-24 19:35:14 ET

little bit.

2009-12-24 20:23:20 ET

maybe if you bring a gift?

2009-12-24 22:40:53 ET

he might find you to be a crazy stalker type. idk

2009-12-25 05:22:27 ET

Yeah, he's ignoring you for a reason.

Not meant to be rude, just being honest. Fuck that dude.

2009-12-25 06:23:03 ET

lol thx for the input guys =]

that's what i said when my friend suggested i go...and i said it was i'm glad i'm not the only one who does lol

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