2010-01-04 06:19:23 ET

Things are FINALLY looking up....Tahoe tomorrow at 5 am!! =]]]

And the military FINALLY approved my bonus...with an extra $250....i see it as an apology for taking so long.

i want to get my tattoo of stars done. It will look something like this:

Oh and I finally figured out why I'm so negative and scared of my future with you. Cause it's so certain. Something is telling me day in and day out that you're it for me...and that is a scary thing. BOO YOU FATE!

In other news, my little brother might be joining the Air Force today. This should be interesting...

2010-01-04 06:20:50 ET

I wish you were here. I would make you go with me to get my jellyfish.

2010-01-06 13:45:22 ET

i would get it without the nautical stars.

2010-01-06 13:57:59 ET


2010-01-07 11:18:48 ET

The nautical stars are the whole point =]

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