2010-01-23 21:30:52 ET

He called me sweetheart! =]

gah!....i'm all twittery....

will swallowing moth balls get rid of the butterflies? Hmm....

Srsly...get to KS...get here. Come to Cali with me. It's fun. We'll snowboard.

best French sentence:

J'adore beaucoup faire du surf des neiges!

(I love snowboarding very much!)

2010-01-23 21:58:28 ET

Sentence structures of other languages confuse me. But I still like French.

2010-01-24 05:14:57 ET

oh i love it! but it is harder than spanish :/

mais...j'aime francais mieux que espagnol. =]

2010-01-24 07:48:08 ET

I forgot you are taking/took french. Remind me to ask you to whisper sweet nothings to me next time we talk.

2010-01-24 09:33:12 ET

you in wichita girl?

I used to have the same background.

2010-01-24 09:56:18 ET

i'm from there but i'm up by KC for school right now.

2010-01-24 09:57:28 ET

oh really? I'm in Topeka girl. Ever kick it in Lawrence?

2010-01-24 09:58:00 ET

are you at JCCC?

2010-01-24 10:55:16 ET

i love lawrence! i was going to go today actually but my comp died so i had to fix it :/

2010-01-25 08:51:18 ET

I go there a lot. We should meet up some time and kick it. :) I think I'm going to the Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltstein show on the 31st at the Jack Pot.

2010-01-25 11:47:00 ET

hmmm i'll have to see what's up and how the money situation is =]

2010-01-25 12:36:14 ET

it's on a sunday. and im hoping to have enough money to go. i missed them last year when they came through.

2010-01-25 15:52:14 ET



2010-01-25 16:22:50 ET


2010-01-26 09:30:01 ET

in my invisible car with my invisible drivers license?!?!

2010-01-26 10:28:15 ET

uh chah! o.O

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