2010-02-03 08:50:26 ET

i fail at nerd. i got my iphone...changed the settings, then hooked it up to my comp to put my pics on it....somehow restoring factory settings and erasing my jailbreak....


2010-02-03 09:01:28 ET

why are you jailbreaking it? do you not have at&t?

2010-02-03 12:57:25 ET

ohh... that sucks.

2010-02-03 19:23:46 ET

nope i have Tmobile. found out it didn't work cause Apple came out with a new OS TODAY! UGH!

/awaits jailbreak/unlock

2010-02-03 19:54:13 ET

Oh man that sucks! Well when you get it up and running it's an awesome phone! :-)

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