2010-02-16 20:40:17 ET

I do enjoy taking things one day at a time. And I enjoy being able to have weak moments with a guy and not have him run screaming. It's exhausting always having my shit in line ya know? I'm used to always being the one who has to have her shit together 24/7 and fixing someone else. It's nice to have the room for error. =] hope Barry can get the time off work to come here. *fingers crossed*

64 days :)

2010-02-22 15:33:44 ET

good god, it's such a sweet relief when you can finally *come clean* and talk about your unhappiness with someone you like so much. i personally feel like i'm going to let them down and totally turn them off if i'm not brimming with goofiness and creativity. i tend to feel like "oh, shit, they're going to know i'm not always as awesome as they perceive and they'll lose attraction."

figure, you'll always be there for them to vent and they'll do the same. they always do. you really have to god damn female insecurities, huh?

glad you reached that point in the relationship :)

2010-02-22 16:48:23 ET

yeah that's exactly how i feel. and he assured me the reasons we are just friends have nothing to do with that...it's just distance. which sucks a huge one. but...i'd rather know now that it would be hard then get into it and find out the hard way...

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