the out
2010-02-22 15:07:50 ET

so talked to Barry more in depth tonight and we mutually decided that since he lives so far away that right now it would be better to just be friends so we don't get together than have it fall apart and hate each other.

I asked if he meant what he said to me all those times and he said "I still do, but like you said...distance would make it really hard cause idk how much we'd see each other"

damn the maturity of the men. lol

I know it sounds like a cop out but honestly...right now in my life...that's ALOT of stress to put on a brand new relationship....we're not bitter and stupid...but it kinda blows. alot.

I need a beer. and some ice cream.

2010-02-22 15:15:55 ET

jake and i did the long distance thing for a while then just went ahead and got married. it all depends on what each person wants and what they are prepared to commit to. it wasn't too bad waiting to live together, either. i think we did the every 6-8 week visits(3-8 day), and it worked out just fine.
it's good to get out early if you aren't prepared.

2010-02-22 16:46:48 ET

well and that's just it. neither of us had the time rly to fly across the country for 8 days at a time. although we both would have liked to. it just didn't work out. boo. cause he was a RLY good guy :/

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