twist in my story
2010-03-17 21:48:42 ET

So i've been in love with my ex boyfriend for 6 years...and it's been on and off for the same amount of time. Last summer we dated briefly before breaking up cause he thought he had to move across the country. Turns out he didn't have to move so suddenly as the months went on and in the end about a month ago he got back with his psycho ex who he swears EVERY TIME is "different this time". Guess what? Nope. Last week she dumped him AGAIN for the guy she cheated on him with AGAIN.

This guy texts me today expecting to just be friends and be cool. Sorry kiddo. You shattered my world. I would have done ANYTHING for you and YOU made the choice to leave. Now YOU get to deal with it.

I figured I owed it to Matt to share this since it was really messing with my head. He listened and sat there and the end I asked "are you going to break up with me now? I know that's not an easy story to hear...."

He says:
"Babe...I've told you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Why would I leave the best thing that's ever happened to me? Do you still love this guy?"

"No, if I did, I'd be waiting..."

"Exactly. I'm not giving you up that easily."

WOOOOWOWWW.....this really something else. Coincidentally, he's the ONLY boyfriend in the last 6 years that got me to say no to the ex boyfriend....that says something to me... *shrug*

Went out tonight with Ashley and Stephaloo. =] ( WE MISSED YOU ANGEL!)

Got a band's CD and shirt...they were pretty good!

Night kids. Happy st. pat's! =]

2010-03-18 20:41:17 ET

Totally gay. I should be there.

2010-03-20 05:46:27 ET


she's the one we replaced you with! jk jk

she's my friend from work who moved to Reno and she came back for a bit to visit.

We could never replaced teh Angel =]

2010-03-20 14:41:42 ET

I am so glad to be single.

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