good things
2010-03-23 15:16:02 ET

I'm gonna be photo editor (most likely) next year for my college's newspaper, I sold my iPhone (liked it, didn't love it) for $500 on eBay, I have an amazing boyfriend who still gave me the strength to say no to the guy I've dumped people over the years twice in one week, Lady Gaga August 3rd!, I get paid next week, my baby niece is feeling better (she has acid reflux and she's only 3 wks old. what a way to enter the world...), getting a new camera this summer, going to Canada to see Matt in 138 days. =]

2010-03-23 15:17:27 ET

Those days'll fly by :)

2010-03-23 16:25:29 ET

it's weird i feel like they are but at the same time i feel like they're the longest days ever. that doesn't make sense lol

2010-03-23 16:38:35 ET

Its SO true.
lol wait 'til the last week. Time is a draggin'.

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