Shift work
2010-05-17 15:59:38 ET

Start working what was supposed to be 8 hour night shifts tonight. My captain apparently decided that since he has nothing better to do with his time than be at work, then we all have to as well. So I'm doing 2 hours of PT before work...then working until 8 am...yay....people, man...

It's Matt's birthday and I'm super bummed I can't be there for it =[

AND i lost my driver's license...hope today gets better...or at least goes by fast.

2010-05-17 18:13:41 ET

captain? PT? are you in the military?

2010-05-18 05:28:58 ET

sho am. air force.

2010-05-18 07:40:24 ET

i had no idea.

2010-05-18 13:14:39 ET

lol yeah most people don't believe me when they meet me and i tell them. i guess i don't look the part :P

2010-05-19 22:42:47 ET

i guess since i never read it on your page.

2010-05-20 01:17:59 ET

Its not something I really publicize. /shrug

2010-05-20 07:40:33 ET

i was never too adamant about doing so either.

2010-05-20 10:28:49 ET

Are you in the military?

2010-05-20 12:17:49 ET

nope, i've done my time, thank you.
I used to be a corpsman.

2010-05-20 14:48:48 ET

nice! yeah they gave me 20k to re enlist...can't argue with that much money...if i were active duty i'd have gotten 90k...not worth it though...

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