2010-05-26 18:44:25 ET

Would it make sense to say that Matt saying he loves me redefines my definition of what love and relationship should be and are?

I feel like he's the only boyfriend who's ever said that to me and truly understands what it means. Like he's not just saying it cause he thinks I'm pretty or something.

He gets my soul. /shrug

And that's all there is to it :3

71 days

2010-05-26 20:08:16 ET

Totally makes sense. :) I feel the same way w Mattias.

2010-05-27 02:59:24 ET

I've found that love is different with every relationship though it might be the same word said.

2010-05-27 05:15:34 ET

true...and i can honestly say that i have loved others in the past and will never say "oh well so and so loves me now so those other relationships didn't matter".

Everyone I've loved and lost served a purpose...but with Matt it's like...idk it's hard to explain's like he knows what it means cause he holds the emotion on the same level i do...and he knows the commitment that comes with it...not just saying it one day then bailing the next cause it got hard...

it's nice to be with a grown up. and it's sooo nice to be loved by one. :3

2010-05-27 05:59:00 ET

It is. I find we all feel that way about current SO's otherwise why would we be with them? I hope it works out for you though. :)

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