soixante-six jours...
2010-06-01 06:04:10 ET

jusqu'à je voyage à Canada. =]

Je suis très excitèe! :P

Ok i realize my next statement is sad...but all other boyfriends I've had I feel like to solve any argument or please them I had to be naked.

Well I was joking around with Matt today about something dumb and I said "Oh I bet if I took my shirt off, you'd see it differently...haha" and he looked at me and goes " know I think you're attractive...but sex isn't all i want from you. I don't wanna jump you right when you walk through the door...i want to spend time with you and just hang out...i want us having sex to actually mean something and not just be something that is expected"

I mean..i've had guys tell me they wanted to wait...then 5 minutes later were all over me...but this whole respect thing...I like it =] And I realize it's sad that i'm 24 and have just realized no guys have respected me the way I deserved...but better late than never I guess.

And now, photo spam. Matt is moving to a new apt and he's been packing his stuff. I hear all of a sudden "*gasp!* Sweet! My back scratcher!" and see this...

lol...little things that make my day... :3

2010-06-09 04:04:05 ET


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