2010-08-14 21:55:11 ET

Went out tonight with Matt and his best friend Corey along with some other friends. Wow. lol. They all got really drunk and decided to walk to the corner store while attacking inanimate objects along the way lol.

always beware of manly men when they drink. :P

matt and i had a heart to heart and he told me alot of things about his past that only a handful of people know. Even though some if it is dark, I love knowing these things about him. Makes me know he trusts me.

He's going to try to come to the US for Thanksgiving where he'll meet my whole family. even i'm nervous lol.

2010-08-15 10:55:12 ET

awhhh that should be fun.

since i can't text you, what happened with keely??

2010-08-16 06:05:47 ET

i'll send you a fb msg...

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