2010-09-17 16:14:05 ET

So i decided i might to go grad school to get my masters in art therapy.

i know it's gonna cost more money and i'll be in school longer but i think if i invest in myself i'll be happier than if i just settled for something that made me kinda happy instead of really happy.

It's scary and expensive and big, but i really think it's what i want to do.

2010-09-17 17:12:12 ET

You can get a master's in social work and practice art therapy. :) I really love the social work profession.

2010-09-17 18:03:21 ET

there's a school here that offers a master's in art therapy.

what's the difference in the two?

2010-09-17 22:11:27 ET

I will be going to school soon for social work... maybe we can combine our forces, woman!

2010-09-18 01:50:40 ET

What kind of job market is available for Art Therapy?

2010-09-18 06:20:00 ET

you work with people or kids who are experiencing something traumatic or have gone through it and repressed it. it's a healing process because some people express themselves better through art and color than through words. especially little kids. it's just another form of therapy, but my painting teacher recommended it to me cause i'm doing a painting right now about how eating disorders make a person feel.

2010-09-18 09:38:54 ET

I didn't mean what you did but how available jobs like that are. How hard will it be to find a job?

2010-09-18 10:02:31 ET

idk. it depends where i go. like i said my teacher does it and she teaches on the side but she said she constantly gets phone calls to do private art therapy now that she left her practice to teach.

so i guess we'll see...but i figure everyone's got problems and those ppl need therapists =]

2010-09-18 15:52:45 ET

a master's in social work allows you to branch out and do different things where as with an art therapy license that's all you can do really. social work focuses more on person in enviroment and the different aspects of a person's life, psychology works more with the brain and how that individual understands the world.

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