Dear SK...
2010-09-29 12:19:05 ET

how do you get over someone? i have matt. i love matt. matt is quite possibly my future.

but i still get so angry about what jake did to me whenever i think about it or someone brings him up. like i'm supposed to feel sorry for him cause his gf dumped his ass? no. sorry. not my job anymore.

i can't not hear about him cause our circle of friends has known him for years and one is actually related to him.

maybe this is a life skill i should have learned years ago but i've always been able to put distance between myself and other exes and i literally can't do it this time.

ugh. i hate life sometimes. and i wish angel were here.

2010-09-29 12:28:06 ET

Are you actually over him?

2010-09-29 18:46:37 ET

yeah like i hate this kid so much. there aren't words. he hurt me deeper than i've been hurt by any HUMAN in my life.

i just wish i could hear his name without wanting to murder him.

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