2010-12-27 11:05:22 ET

here =]

2010-12-27 11:22:25 ET


2010-12-28 05:46:36 ET

omg i literally just slept 10 hours...i blame 2 day late jet lag :P

2010-12-29 04:22:35 ET

that's amazing.

how's canada so far? i thought about IM'in you but I didn't want to disturb if you were having a good time. :)


we really don't live that far from each other. let's hang out.

2010-12-29 05:34:27 ET

canada's good! i can tell matt's still pretty stressed about life and he got hit by another bomb during dinner last night, so i let him play video games til he passed out lol.

i'm actually hoping to move to st louis when i get home =[ i got a job offer out there

2010-12-29 05:58:13 ET

that's awesome!

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