2011-01-01 18:02:09 ET

I swear every time we have sex he gets better at it. (not that he's ever been bad)

holy orgasm batman...

2011-01-02 06:39:05 ET

There's something to be said for practice gaining experience getting better over time...

2011-01-02 07:20:42 ET

that's the thing was never bad's like he went from a 10 to a 25...

2011-01-03 08:14:18 ET

Oh, I know. I was just saying that things like that get even better over time.

So, I assume things up here and going well?

2011-01-04 06:45:25 ET

yep =] i'm babysitting his son today...i've always thought that people who stay in their pajamas til noon on a tuesday were losers...clearly they're just parents of 2 year olds. lol. i JUST put him down for a nap and i haven't showered or anything. ew.

2011-01-04 16:50:00 ET

You're STINKY!

The kid likes you?

2011-01-05 07:44:51 ET

i think so...he was amazed by my tattoos lol. we had fun watching cartoons and eating goldfish crackers.

2011-01-06 04:58:53 ET

That's awesome. How long are you up here for?

2011-01-06 07:26:49 ET

til jan 20th. maybe longer if i can work it out with the airlines.

2011-01-06 10:05:54 ET

Hahahahaha. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove that.

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