what is wrong with the world?
2011-02-19 10:15:42 ET

I am so sick of everyone telling me that Matt is just handing me a line and just being a dick. I really don't think he is. And I'm sorry that you've been fucked over by a shitty guy...so have I.

I understand that to the outsider it looks like Matt is just patting me on the head and moving on, but I doubt it.

When did it become SUCH a crime to trust someone you love? Why should I just automatically resort to assuming he's complete shit just because he's having a hard time and we broke up? He's never been shit to me, lied to me, or anything...so why the hell would he just automatically start doing that now?

And I'm sooo sick of hearing "well...as a guy...that's a line.." yeah because all guys are exactly alike and are complete assholes. Just like every girl is a gold digging whore who cheats. Yep. That's totally right.

I'm sick of being labeled as a soppy idiot for trusting Matt and waiting to see what happens with him.

If he is feeding me a line, then yes, he's a dick. But if he's not, I'm not going to pass up this chance to be there for him and just throw him out like trash.

Why don't people believe in love anymore? Matt is actually the person who restored my faith in love...

2011-02-19 12:48:04 ET

I'm sorry to hear about you guys. I definitely think you should be there for him as much as you can; it sounds like he needs that right now.

2011-02-20 07:24:54 ET

Well, what can people who really do just need a little personal time to sort out some things on their own say? There's no way to distinguish it. Yes, some guys use that as a line, but what can they really say to make it more believable if that's really how they feel? I don't think other people can really make that assessment in this case yet. His future actions will speak louder than his words. I hope that that really is how he's feeling and that you two can be happily reunited once he sorts out his personal issues.

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