2011-09-27 17:17:04 ET

I haven't been on here in forever! How are all of you then?

2011-09-27 18:31:43 ET

2 months without sk? What were you thinking?

2011-09-27 20:28:11 ET

Haha! I've been spending mucho time on tumblr. And working. Bleh.

2011-09-27 21:55:13 ET

Well, more time here. Cause... just cause.

2011-09-29 09:19:02 ET

I like Tumblr because I don't feel pressured to say anything. I can just REBLOG 4EVER. I think I'm much better in person or on the phone than on the internet.

Also: I still miss you.

2011-09-29 09:55:48 ET

i miss you too! exactly how far away are you from me?

2011-09-30 09:13:54 ET

MAPQUESTING.... it says I am 7 hrs 27 mins / 437.32 miles away from St Louis. :/ I'm going to try and be in Wichita for Halloween and Christmas though.

2011-10-02 20:27:06 ET

i'll be in DC for halloween and idk about christmas yet...i have to work christmas eve so i might drive home after i get off work...

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