My friend just found texts from another girl on her boyfriend's phone...
2011-10-05 11:14:33 ET

Omg...they were so the kind of relationship that you look up

my opinions of men are slightly shattered all over again...

2011-10-05 11:24:53 ET

Were the texts suggestive?? Eek that scares the shit out of me.

2011-10-05 11:27:38 ET was more than was like "yeah we've fucked and i can't wait to do it again...also you're beautiful and i love you"'s bad....

2011-10-05 11:28:04 ET

OMG How long were they dating?
Do they live together?


2011-10-05 11:31:19 ET

That is pretty shitty.

Thing is, not ALL guys are like that. And you cant know everything that was going on. They may of been having problems that you werent aware of.

Regardless, what a piece of shit.

2011-10-05 11:36:59 ET

they were together over a year...but these texts are dated back to january and who knows how long it's been going on?

and yeah they did live together...they have a blog that i follow and they always seemed so happy.

@cat: yeah i know that...but personally it's been a RLY shitty 6 months guy-wise and they were one of the couples that i looked up to and thought "wow..see? people can stay in love and make it..." and turns out it was a fake the whole time...

2011-10-05 11:43:11 ET

Ive been where you've been & it is a shame but, keep your head up, girl. *insert a million cliches about you'llfindtherightman* Haha. All I can say is be patient. :]

2011-10-05 11:43:58 ET

yeah i think i found a good one...but it's weird situation so i'm waiting for him to sort it before i go near him in a relationship fashion.

2011-10-05 11:45:25 ET

Good for you. Just kick it until then. Make sure you dont wait forever, though.

2011-10-05 11:45:33 ET

Eugh. That's the stuff nightmares are made of. Poor girl...

2011-10-05 11:46:01 ET

I would DIE.

2011-10-05 11:46:02 ET

no no...but...i have reason to stick around. trust me :)

2011-10-05 11:46:21 ET

Good for you, girl. Hope it keeps going well. :]

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