Job interview
2011-10-06 11:30:28 ET

Just got off the phone with BAE systems.

The guy thought my 8 years experience and two college degrees was awesome. Hopefully I'll get a salary to reflect how awesome I am.

Keep fingers crossed! I won't hear about my salary until next week maybe.

2011-10-06 11:33:12 ET

I'll cross my crossables for you!

2011-10-06 13:08:12 ET


Fingers crossed!

2011-10-06 13:25:24 ET

lol "crossables"

2011-10-06 13:28:44 ET

they have places all over the country, I hope they employ you soon.

2011-10-06 13:30:04 ET

i'm applying for one here in STL...they know that...they wanted me to go to DC, but I don't wanna move possible future boy lives i wanna see what's up with that before i make the choice to move across the country.

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