2009-11-22 09:07:44 ET

Here's to not being a bullshit girl who whines when her boyfriend doesn't text her back RIGHT AWAY....or being a girl who is too afraid to get a little dirt and car grease under her nails...or the girl who rides bitch on the bike....or the girl who has to guilt and mind-game her way around to keep a relationship...or the girl who says "i'm over you" then when they move on say "JK".

here's to not being a typical bullshit girl.


BLACK METAL SUNDAY!2009-11-22 08:22:49 ET

I am celebrating this day AFTER going to see the Andy Warhol exhibit in Lawrence.

but after this....


Evocative Photo of the Day2009-11-21 20:04:03 ET


2009-11-21 17:08:03 ET

I miss your face. and your heart. come back. you know you want to. you always have. just give in.

Quotes of the effing day2009-11-21 14:51:17 ET

"It's dark now and I'm very tired. I love you, always. Time is nothing."

story of my life at the moment...here's to hope and faith. and hoping they pay off in a very big beautiful way someday. =]
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