Anomalism 9-21
2003-09-21 17:44:45 ET

I got on more than an hour ago meaning to make an entry and have been surfing other journals til now. You people are too much fun.
Any way whats been hapnin here? right? A lot o stuff, I just got off the phone with my mom who is at the hospital with my dad. Dad had knee replacement surgery a week or so ago and it went real well and all and he was walking around and stuff no doing well. They had him on cumadin (sp) to keep him from getting any blood clots in his legs. Then and we don't know why he had a gall bladder attack and had to have surgery to take it out because it had died and they couldn't get the blood to clot to stop the bleeding from the surgery because of the cumadin. Also it metabolises slowly so they are having a hard time getting his blood to stabilize and its causing all kinds of complications. Mom says hes doing better now but he is still in the critical care unit. So things are looking better today (Praise the Lord).

2003-09-21 18:03:58 ET

I hope your dad is OK.

2003-09-21 18:05:06 ET

Thanks I think he will be but it'll take a while.

2003-09-21 18:17:14 ET

yeah, I hope he's ok soon.

2003-09-22 06:45:33 ET

The kumadin is a bit of a bitch, but they can offset it some. Both my folks have had total joint replacements, so I've become aware of how that stuff works.

Hope he's home soon.

2003-09-23 16:25:32 ET

he is in my prayers

2003-09-23 16:41:20 ET


2003-09-23 16:42:13 ET

very welcome

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