Anomalism 9-24
2003-09-24 18:35:15 ET

I talked to mom tonight and she says dad is still in the critical care unit but he has been down graded to gaurded condition, so he's doing better. We'll prolly go down this weekend to see him.

2003-09-24 18:36:17 ET

My thoughts and prayers are with you--good luck. <3

2003-09-24 18:38:32 ET


2003-09-24 18:59:12 ET

more thoughts and more prayers from here, too.

2003-09-24 19:24:19 ET

ditto, youll be in my thoughts and prayers too.

2003-09-24 21:21:00 ET

ditto, glad you're going to see him. :)

2003-09-25 02:38:36 ET

Progress is good.

2003-09-25 03:34:26 ET

Hope everything comes out alright.

2003-09-25 05:13:50 ET

progress is definately good. "keep ya chin up child, yo bound to get by... "

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