Anomalism 10-2
2003-10-02 00:45:43 ET

We went down to Cinnci to see dad over the weekend cuz he's home from the hospital and feeling much better. He's got a new scar to add to his collection and he lost a lot of weight, but he's very thankfull to be alive. He was so happy to see everyone because he said he thought he was a gonner for a while there. We're very thankfull to God that he is alive and home, I know I'm not ready to lose my dad, I guess no one ever realy is though.

2003-10-02 03:44:07 ET

i am glad that your dad is okay :)

2003-10-02 04:06:09 ET

Me too. I've been going to through something similar with my grandfather and lung cancer for the past few years. I'm glad your padre is back home too. What kind of car did he get?

2003-10-02 11:32:52 ET

You are never ready to lose a parent.

Glad your dad is OK and you are spending time with him. Funny how your perspective changes when you are a parent and grow older. I see things so differntly now.

2003-10-03 17:00:50 ET

amen to that, SA9! Even at my age I still need my mommy. She needs me now too, which has become more apparent over the past 5 years. Enjoy your time with your dad anom. :)

2003-10-05 18:54:31 ET

Glad to hear that your father is doing well!

2003-10-05 19:08:14 ET

Thanks! all of you, thank you very much.

2003-10-08 12:53:51 ET

yes me too glad hes home and feeling better. thank God. i miss my Dad. he left too soon:(

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