Anomalism 10-6
2003-10-06 01:00:27 ET

Been meaning to write this down, it was something I saw on the trip to cinci. There was this pickup truck heading south toward Columbus and the driver was not making eye contact with any one who passed him. I think it was because he was full to the brim with dalmations, they were sitting upright and looking in all directions like they were having a cocktail party and they were all fiberglass. I guess Columbus is have a fiberglass dalmation shortage and this was a rush order. Imagine being the person who makes thier living making fiberglass dalmations. I have to ask though, what do you do with a fiberglass dalmation? where would you put one and why would you put it there? Its like when we went out to Chicago the other week and we saw a semi loaded with all of 2 fiberglass truck caps for pickups, they must have been desperately short and had to rush the first 2 they found to the truck cap starved people of Chicago. Ya see strange things on the highways ya know.

2003-10-06 07:10:59 ET

fiberglass unions are at it again

2003-10-10 08:12:53 ET

whoa. Well, better fiberglass Dalmatians than another glut of real don't suppose there's another Disney Dalmatian DVD in the works?

2003-10-10 13:01:46 ET

101 fiberglass dalmations....

2003-10-20 01:04:41 ET


I may have nightmares now.

2003-10-20 02:57:31 ET

which is ok, as long as the 101 fiberglass dalmations get air time in your dreams *mwahahhahahah*

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