Anomalism 11-21
2003-11-21 00:48:33 ET

We've had an offer in on a house in the country, our dream house in the country. It is a 4 bedroom 3 bath house built in 1870 and it has 5 wooded acres with cliffs and boulders. Well our offer was excepted (praise the Lord very much). Now for all the complicated stuff, the house is gutted so we have to have a huge lot o stuff done before we can move. It looks like I'm going to be learning how to do way more remodeling than I ever wanted to know. Moohooha adventures ahead. More details later.

2003-11-21 01:20:04 ET

That sounds SOOO amazing. I want a big old house and a house full of kids. I'm weird though. :-p

2003-11-21 03:24:38 ET


enjoy :)

2003-11-21 10:58:16 ET

That sounds awesome...

Let the fun begin :)

2003-11-21 11:42:42 ET


I love renovating. If I lived close by I'd help!

congrats on the amazing house.

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