Anomalism 12-19
2003-12-19 10:00:47 ET

My son arrived home from Norfolk for the hollidays,(its good to see him).
It is still snowing in Cleveland.
We still havn't closed on the new house.
We took no less than 8 hand guns and 800 rounds to the pistol range the other night,(that was a good time).
I'm about to have potstickers for lunch.
I sold 2 fans, its been a good week.

2003-12-19 17:12:31 ET

Waiting for closing is the suck. I hated real estate law. Good luck with that and the impending move.

2003-12-19 17:27:33 ET

I thank you sir! It probably doesn't help that it was a foreclosure, or that we are trying to get it done around Christmas. Slowly but surely the pieces seem to be falling into place

2003-12-20 07:53:49 ET

I haven't seen snow since... 1992. And the only reason for that was that a bunch of crazy folk brought a truckload of snow down here from up north. I don't think I've seen snow falling since the late 80's.

I am deprived.

2003-12-21 04:50:24 ET

Thats a long time to be with out snow, especialy for a Minnesota girl. Bet you could find a ton o people who would trade weather with you even for a day.

2003-12-21 17:03:20 ET

Israeli weather? Probably not. We're known for our famous "elevator weather". Just like Florida, but not as polished.

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