Anomalism 1-2
2004-01-03 17:38:36 ET

Just added some new pics, Wich won't matter to most but might to some.
I just wahched 4 episodes of Ultra Man from 1966. I found this new hole in the wall video store called B Ware Video. This place is way cool! They have tons of off the wall stuff like old drive in scifi and horrer, Ed Wood films, drivers ed films, Japanese monster films that aren't Godzilla or Gamera(have those too), this place has Eraser Head! They have a section for just Roger Corman films, I rented an Akira Kurasawa detective film called Stray Dog, havn't watched it yet but I see my self spending some time there. Way cool!

2004-01-03 17:42:38 ET

Drivers Ed Films?! RED PAVEMENT?! (or whatever the infamous title is)

2004-01-03 17:44:04 ET

They have that one.

2004-01-03 17:46:32 ET

Nice pics. I'm not gay or anything, but you're a cool lookin' guy. Maybe I might be blessed to look that good in the future.

2004-01-03 18:29:10 ET

"i'm not gay or anything" haha, that's classic.

i like finding little shops like that.

2004-01-03 20:20:26 ET

sounds like an awesome video store

2004-01-04 07:59:13 ET

That is a great selection. Wish we had something of the sort around here.

2004-01-05 12:46:32 ET

Kamikaze- As the oldest man on SK I'll take that as a compliment, thank you.

2004-01-05 14:29:53 ET

Hey, no problem =) You really don't look that old.

2004-01-05 15:57:42 ET

wwatch it, I'm 63

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