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2004-01-15 18:53:09 ET

Its been snowing again for 3 days and I need it to stop so the surveyer can do the rewright of the deed for my new house SO WE CAN CLOSE!!! I watched Solaris yesterday with the Clooney man and I have to say I think I like the Russian version better. I think the new one was very well made and stuff but some how I got a different message from the other one. Maybe I should read the book.
In other news, I sold 6 fans in the last 2 days with a possible 2 more which goes a long way toward my new toy fund,(mentioned in an earlier post). I also watched Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space for the first time. My wife and I were talking about it afterword and we don't understand how Ed Wood could be voted worst director of all time. We think Coleman Francis is much worse, at least Ed Wood could tell a story even if it was a rediculous one. I mean yea his films are dumb, poorly written acted staged and a host of other negatives, but try watching Red Zone Cuba, Sky Divers, or Beast of Yuka Flats. These films are incomprehensible. He tries desperatly to tell a story and fails miserably every time. I know forein films are often incomprehensible because the visual simbolism in that country is radicaly different from ours but these two are Americans. And still I watch thier films and wonder"what were they thinking?"
What do you think?

2004-01-15 18:57:55 ET

I saw Solaris moved too slowly, and I had the same thought as you..I need to read the book.

2004-01-15 19:12:21 ET

vasa keeps telling me to see Solaris. he loves it.

btw, son#2 looks so much like you! that expression is right off one of your own pix! :)

2004-01-15 19:16:03 ET

I like psychological mysteries and brainy scifi a lot but some times I'm watching and thinking to my self "ok mr director dead people get what you are driving at, could we please get on to the next plot point?" Now here's something to try. take a film that you havn't seen and watch the whole thing on fast forward and then try to go back and watch the film regular. If the story was visualy well told you won't need to hear the dialogue, or the film with dialogue may be very different story.
Just another game you can play with your own perception.

2004-01-15 19:19:16 ET

Coleman Francis makes Ed Wood look like Scorsese. I'm with ya on this one.

2004-01-15 19:20:13 ET

Skymosh= I thought he looked like an evil animae character like Vampyer Hunter D or something. I gave him the nickname Mr Severity.

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