Anomalism 1-26
2004-01-26 07:46:00 ET

Its monday, its cold, we still havn't closed on our new house. We did drive out to see it last weds to remind our selve why we are going through this crap when we have a 2 story brick house that was built in 1912 and is restored and very beautiful and comfortable. Well! we came away thinking........"Mc way YES we want this place!" We pulled in the drive way, got out of the car and listened and the only thing we could hear was flowing water from the creek, a bird singing, and a distant airplane and thats all! This place is so beautiful its amazing. We needed to see it again to renforce our resolve because the seller's title co is so incompotent it's maddening. These people just can't be bothered to to do the job they were contracted to do which is to make the title transferable. Amazing isn't it.

2004-01-26 07:48:56 ET

I'd give a substantial amount of money to live far away from the annoyances of the human race.

And I have heard horror stories about title companies. I don't doubt their truth.

2004-01-26 07:55:36 ET

Oh yes the numbers are substantial,(for me) I will be much farther in debt than I have ever been before, not to mention 20 + minutes farther from work. But Oh I can't wait to make the trade.

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