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2004-01-30 17:50:44 ET

Well we signed some of the papers today in preperation to close on the new house. Still there are complications, the title company has screwed us all royaly by thier incompitence. If they had not had thier heads up thier asses and we had closed on the date that they signed on for I could be living in the new house March 1. But now there is not time to do the 45 day renovation needed to make it habitable before my buyer takes posetion of my house on March 1. I don't know yet where we will live till it is finnished, I hope we can get our stuff in it at least.
In other news I got a new toy a couple of weeks ago I picked it up at a gun show, the design dates back to WWI. I've seen them in films like old Tarzan films and old war films. In Mummy II the messenger falcon was shot by one (bummer). I think I'm done collecting for a while. It is realy cool to hold a piece of history in your hand whether it is old militaria or old fans or any other antique. I wonder will anything we build today last as long?

2004-01-30 17:55:51 ET

isn't that an enfield chambered in .303 ??
i love old military firearms. i doubt ANYTHING we build today will last for very long. our new rifle is based on the hk g36 and is made almost completely out of abs plastic.

2004-01-30 18:17:08 ET

You mean the M-8 ? It's based on the 5.56 component of the OICW, from what I've read.

Maybe the G36 is also.
I think if I wanted an old-skool rifle it would be the M1917.

2004-01-30 18:25:45 ET

bummer about the house hang ups. got friends with spare rooms?

yeah...none of this plastic polymer stuff...20 years from now when they're cracking and falling apart, you could still pick up a trusty m1, club a bear with it, then go out and shoot it the next day.

2004-01-30 19:42:31 ET

huskarl the .223 portion of the oicw is based on the g36 design

spg, m1s are nice, but i prefer things that are a little bit more modern... an m14 would be a little better suited for me
i like my 7.62NATO and 7.62x39s

i think its funny that elite troops from russia, the states, the uk, germany and south africa are complaining about the insignificance of 5.56NATO in normal battle conditions. the russians elites went back to using 7.62s. so now the geniuses in power after telling everyone 5.56 is the cat's meow are going around telling people what they need is something like a necked up 6mm. but, even though there are tons of .308 designs that could just be upgraded or revised, they still don't like to deploy that caliber for stupid reasons.

2004-01-31 04:18:44 ET

did you see the Tales of the Gun episode where they interviewed Kalashnikov ? He said, "basically it's your fault that we went to the 5.45mm cartridge. Our advisors in Vietnam saw the M-16 and told us we had to have something like it."

He was in favor of improving the 7.62 round instead.

Now that I've done more reading it looks like the internal parts of the G36 are derived from the Ar-18.

2004-01-31 11:18:40 ET

Blitz= This one was made in Ishapore in 1965 and is chambered in 308, which is exactly why I had to have it. I could get one in 303 Brittish for less but the cost of ammo is prohibitive. 308 nato on the other hand is very affordable. Also nearly all of the 303 ammo is corrosive.
Huskarl= I know that gun, and I know where I could get you one for around $480. I see the Springfield 1903s at gun shows all the time $300-600 and M1 Garand s for $400-800. A huge difference form say Mausers $100-300, or Moisan Nagant $80-180, or 303 Enfields for $130-225. Cheapest ammo seems to be 8mm Mauser followed by 7.62x54 r and 308 Nato for high power and 7.62x39 and 223 for intermediate.
SPG= I have desk fans that are 90+ years old that run flawlessly all day all summer every year with no signs of even slowing down, its amazing.

2004-01-31 15:33:44 ET

a buddy of mine got his .303 bored out to accept .308
i like my 8mms, but i prefer the packaging of a .308
i need to get my hands on an ak sometime. but i also would like a synthesizer. all these things cost much more then they should.

anomalous: you may want to look into getting a spanish fr-8 mauser like mine. its a training rifle used to get troops used to the feel of the cetme (g3). its chambered in .308, fairly easy to find and it shoots very nicely.

2004-01-31 15:38:00 ET

kalashnikov was a genius. he did a lot of other things that were pretty remarkable.

they scale down everything, take the .45 for example:

if somebody is full of adrenaline or any type of aphedmines you can shoot them with a whole clip of 9mm and not put them down. they always make weight a top priority instead of stopping power.

pretty soon they will be shooting eachother with .22 long rifle rounds.

2004-01-31 19:37:48 ET

kalashnikov is the man.

2004-02-01 06:47:16 ET

Blitz= I'm not sure what you mean by scaling down .45s ? I'm assuming that it has to do with hand guns. Myself I have many more favorite hand guns than rifles, some of them I own, most I do not. .45 is my favorite caliber along with 7.62x25mm, together they represent the extremes of practical calibers with 10mm being the perfect union of the two ideals.

2004-02-01 08:20:52 ET

Haha, yeah! bolt-action guns are the stuff!

2004-02-01 08:30:08 ET

Oh yes very available, affordable and historic all at the same time. Though finding a place to shoot them is sometimes difficult.

2004-02-01 08:32:46 ET

If your neighbors don't care and you have a large enough backyard, just set some targets up and fire away.

2004-02-01 08:35:07 ET

Part of the attraction of my new yard is that very possibility.

2004-02-01 08:35:53 ET


2004-02-01 08:38:59 ET

Also, the state rifle range is just a few miles away.

2004-02-01 08:39:19 ET

Well well =) All the better

2004-02-01 15:40:46 ET

i was referring to the states and a lot of other countries switching their sidearms to 9mm, when there have been instances of a wet varsity jacket stopping a 9mm parabellem round.

2004-02-01 17:52:58 ET

Yep I'm in agreement with you there, 9mm is not one of my faves. There was much disapointment when we caved and let europe dictate hand gun caliber for us. Historically Europe has always been into wussy calibers to the point where 9mm was a big step forward. Of course in America we were killing each other with 44s and 45s long before that. 9mm is realy only a magazine fed 38 special, I prefere both in +p form. On the other hand, if you just want to go plinking the 9mm is very affordable.

2004-02-02 03:46:32 ET

It's a two-way street of course, because we did push the 5.56 on NATO.

2004-02-02 04:03:32 ET

Good point.

2004-02-02 07:06:17 ET

i'd like to own a sub-compact glock in 9mm for a backup one day. but that's only because they are somewhat cheap and small enough to holster on your boot. i'm even a little hesitant to have a polymer gun for anything. but, for a regular sidearm i'm sticking with a 1911.

about the only thing 5.56 is good for other then small predator/rodent hunting is close quarters armored personal elimination. a .223 won't ricochet like a 9mm against hard surfaces and it will punch through kevlar. that's going to be about the only thing the xm-8 is going to be useful for. sure, the round has better reach then a 7.62x39 but the stopping power just isn't there.

have any of you guys read up on the pulse weapons/armours we have now ? that is fairly interesting, albeit a bit scary.

2004-02-02 10:22:32 ET

I am also very fond of the 1911, I have a Ballister Molina which dates to the 40s and is a great shooter. (love that gun) What do you think of the 7.62x25 Tokarov round?

2004-02-02 17:46:57 ET

i think most guns using a 7.62 round are ok. i personally wouldn't use a handgun chambered in it, but i know people who are happy with their old russian handguns.

i like rimless, large (when i say large i mean military large, not hunting ammo large)diameter ammunition with significant length behind them. i collect german/spanish firearms that are either early ww2 or post ww2. when you start collecting from late ww2 era you run into poor workmanship/poor materials. i also am trying to aquire more tactical weaponry as of late, also looking to modify weapons i already have into more practical (read: non-hunting) usage.

2004-02-02 18:05:49 ET

But hunting is practical. You're more likely to need to eat than to kill somebody.

2004-02-02 21:08:46 ET

a good point, but an animal can't devise a plan to take over a part of the country or to break into your home and steal from you.
the likelihood of being attacked by a man is much greater than to be attacked by a mountain lion or wolf.

and my .308 and 12g are sufficiant to take down most game.

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