Anomalism 2-11
2004-02-11 08:31:49 ET

My head feels cold, (my wife just buzzed my hair). There seems to be an ever increasing salt componant in my hair color, (fascinating captain).Went to a little hole in the wall pistol range in Lorain last night cuz we were having serious withdrawl. 3 of us fired 350 rnds 9x18, from 2 guns, 200= rnds .45 from 2 guns, and about 300 rnds 7.62x25 from 2 more guns. A noisy good time was had by all. We were there about 2 1/2 hrs and it only cost 21 bucks. Moohooha! It was our first time shooting our surplused Soviet Makarov s and also our first experience with the 9x18. The Maks are inexpensive compact guns that are mil spec so the quality is good. The 9x18 is equal to the 380 auto having moderate velocity and stopping power, good for a purse gun or for plinking. They do have a big kick for thier size. I'm not certain why but I'm finding that I realy like russian guns, they form the bulk of my collection. (Also fascinating captain).

2004-02-11 09:30:56 ET

In reference to your requests for music, have you tried Planet-X or Liquid Tension Experiment? Both very experimental and rythimcally complex. Good stuff. I don't know if Dream Theater would be up your early, but theyre worth a listen. Let's see, who else. Tony Levin's solo stuff is pretty great, in case you dont already know it. I guess thats all Ive got for now.

2004-02-11 10:45:28 ET

$21 for that much fun, I must look into this sometime

2004-02-11 11:46:15 ET

good fun!

the question though, could you actually hit anything with the makarov? I've heard they're extremely inaccurate

2004-02-12 18:36:27 ET

We were doing head and heart shots on the silhouette of a 4 year old at 15 yds with out any problems. That should equal a chest hit on a man at 50 yds I think. I think reports of inaccuracy are inflated. Also we were firing S&B comercial ammo in the tokarov and CZ, that stuff is rated at 1647 fps. We also had Bulgarian ammo which is noticably hotter than S&B, then we got out some Norinco Chinese stuff and it was noticably hotter than the Bulgarian! I'm thinking that we are around 1750 pushing towards 1800 fps, thats 350-400 fps faster than 357 sig and mag.

2004-02-12 18:41:06 ET

Heatseeking= thanks for the music tips I'll definatly check into it, I've heard Pieces of the Sun, good stuff.

2004-02-12 18:50:19 ET

Sweet, shooting kids... So many times I've felt the urge... lol

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