Anomalism 2-15
2004-02-15 15:44:01 ET

Well we are getting ever closer to the big move. We will be losing DSL after the 23rd and moving on the 27th. Most of our stuff goes into storage for a month and we will be living in our realestate agents basement until the renovations are far enough along that we can move into the new house. We don't have a new phone # yet so we don't know if DSL is even available out there(man I hope it is), or cable. I may be stuck with dial up. I probably won't be able to post much if at all but don't worry I'm not leaving SK, you people mean too much to me. This is a very cool place and I'm glad to be a part of it, thank all of you!

2004-02-15 15:57:17 ET

Don't be stuck with dialup. Thats just not right.

2004-02-15 16:00:55 ET

Good luck with the move and renovations! My 'rents just sold their house on Saturday after being on the market for only a day.

2004-02-15 16:02:21 ET

I'm gonna be so far out in the sticks I'm not sure whats out there e-wise. Anybody know if satalite tv has modems like cable does?

2004-02-15 16:03:52 ET

Most satelite tv companies also offer internet access of some sort, though it is usually cable access.

2004-02-15 16:07:35 ET

Siren= Check my pic gallery, I could sware my cat is sitting in your sink. We did amazingly well on the sale thing too, my buyer saw the sign in the yard within 2 hrs of me putting it there and was the first to see and make an offer(of full price no less).

2004-02-15 16:10:41 ET

That's what happened with my mom. She had just posted the for sale sign and put an ad on the internet when a lady called and said she would be right over with contract in hand. And her offer was the asking price.

2004-02-15 16:12:30 ET

Awwww ... how cute! I got mine from the city shelter and his tail was apparently broken at some point and never re-set because it crooks at a 45 degree angle towards the end of it.

2004-02-15 16:18:38 ET

I found mine in the garage one day when I went out to chase the two baby possums out that had been in there the week before. She was so little she could sit in the palm of my hand.

2004-02-15 16:44:08 ET

Siren, I used to have a kitty with a crooked tail(thats what we called him) like that when I lived in arizona

Satellite companies offer satellite high speed internet, but its damn expensive. I live 60 miles from the nearest town and we still get DSL here, so I bet you'll be able to get it at your new place Anom.

2004-02-15 20:36:11 ET

I'm happy with my cable.

2004-02-16 08:14:37 ET

Luck to you all.

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