Anomalism 2-21
2004-02-21 11:42:42 ET

The big move is getting closer to the wire. I've spent most of the last two days packing my basement stuff. Today was fans and tools, yesterday was models and ammo. Seven years of accumulating stuff is agressively resisting being packed up. There is so freaking much stuff on that work bench and I haven't gotten to the power tools yet, Not that there's that many, it just doesn't look like that much till you have to box it all up. The real drag is that it all has to go into storage, it would be so much easier to just put it in the truck and then put it in the new house. I wouldn't have to be as organized about it. Yuo know stack some in the garage, some in the basement, but no it all has to fit into the storage cubicles. You see I have a 4 bedroom house with a full basement and a walk in attic and a 2 car garage, all well stocked with stuff and it all has to fit into 2 10'x20' units. This is going to be an adventure.

2004-02-21 11:57:28 ET

I dread the thought of moving...

We accumulate so much stuff and yet can get by with so little.

2004-02-21 12:01:58 ET

True indeed, but the older you get the less interested you are in just getting by.

2004-02-21 12:04:34 ET

So true, but lately I'm in the mood of doing with less stuff, but I have to have nice surroundings..

2004-02-21 12:07:14 ET

I wonder if for some it goes in cycles?

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