Anomalism 3-5
2004-03-05 06:47:27 ET

Hellow everyone,
Tune of the now= Tool, lots of Tool. After that maybe lots of Massive Attack.
I found a library in Jefferson OH where I can get on line. I've missed you all. We are officialy out of our old house and living in our realestate agents basement till the renovations are done. I hope this does not last too long, we have all 5 cats with us (oh boy). It has been a long time since I have been in a transition like this and it feels realy wierd and disconnected. We found out this week that we don't actualy have a septic system at the new house and will have to put one in,(this is not fun) So much for my fun money for the next 5 or 10 yrs.

2004-03-05 07:40:29 ET

What's left in the renovations aside from the septic out of curiosity?

2004-03-05 07:43:54 ET

No septic? Good lord!

Hang in there!

2004-03-05 08:45:17 ET

gads! Welcome to a reminder of what it was like to be 21.

hang in there. it'll be worth the wait. :)

2004-03-05 10:19:30 ET

Gah! Was the septic system bad or did they just neglect to mention that teensy fact before you signed?

2004-03-05 10:19:44 ET

Yes it will. *remembers last summers remodel.

2004-03-05 10:42:10 ET

I was at the surplus store and saw several nagants, a cz, and an enfield (303 though) for sale and I remembered you were in house transfer state. hopefully its all smooth sailing and no going postal hehe

2004-03-06 07:45:29 ET

SPG= Ahhh- postall!!!
Minx=Nobody new, and I mean nobody.
Angraecum= We have the well, pumpstation and general plumbing, insulation, electrical and drywall yet to do. Small stuff right?

2004-03-06 08:13:42 ET

How did they not know? Did you just discover the plumbing terminated in a pipe in the yard or something?

2004-03-09 07:21:38 ET

The house was a repo from an old man who was an apparent hermit. This took place some time ago, (the propane tank has not been filled since 97)and story we got just the other day from a neighbor was that he brought water in and other stuff out in buckets. He was aparently in the middle of renovations when he lost the house. Some things had been started but nothing had been finnished, and of course there are no records , not even with the county. From what we have been able to gather, the pipe does pretty much what you said.

2004-03-09 14:20:25 ET

Well damn. That's a rude awakening.

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