Anomalism 3-22
2004-03-22 08:14:48 ET

Whoa! I just looked at my buddy list and sis is gone. I find this disturbing, does anyone know whats up?

2004-03-22 08:28:28 ET

Don't know, but she hadn't posted in ages.

2004-03-25 22:37:13 ET

I think that when someone doesn't log in for a long time they get deleted. I imagine it saves a bit of expensive space. She's very active over on, btw.

2004-03-27 11:45:10 ET

People are not automatically deleted for inactivity, and I think SiS' page was statistically popular enough (ie the most-requested page by browsers) that the management would have just kept her around. Possibly she just had enough.

2004-10-07 10:01:52 ET

I know where to find SiS, btw.

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