Anomalism 3-27
2004-03-27 10:57:38 ET

I discovered this neat little feature on the library lap top a minute ago. Its a mouse feature where I put my finger in this square and touch the pad and the curser moves. I must be realy behind cuz I had no idea.
On the home thing my account rep at my lending institution sat on the paperwork for my contractors draw request for a week (again). WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET THESE PEOPLE TO DO THIER JOBS ? Every delay the she causes my contractor is that much longer before I can live in my house. ARRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pissed off right now I am growling. (not a good sign) I think rather than twisting someone's head off I think I will start calling the causel person and her supervisor every day angrilly until I get some action.

2004-03-27 11:05:23 ET

Have a lawyer call and ask exactly what the issue is. That's what they're for.

2004-04-01 13:12:38 ET

I did speak to her supervisor for the second time and the net result is that a different person will be handling my account in the future.

2004-04-01 13:38:53 ET

This is a good thing.

2004-04-05 14:08:20 ET

All though it appears I may be firing my contractor soon.

2004-04-05 15:38:20 ET

I dub thee Sisyphus.

2004-04-10 07:08:28 ET

Haha !I see thy point, It doth seem to be Myne fate of late. :[

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