Anomalism 4-24
2004-04-24 08:08:28 ET

My wife and I went UP into the garrage this morning with the dog trimmer in hand, where she obliged me and cut my hair and trimmed my beard. This time I suggested that we dispense with the attachments and just buzz my head, she happily agreed and now I have no hair! This'll be fun. We will be meating some friends of ours at the house we don't live in to show them our adventure there, and then we are all off to see "the Passion". I have been a Christian now for 23 years and know the whole story well, it will be interesting to observe my reactions to this small componant of the most important (to me) story of all time.
Always remember! every day is an adventure of one sort or another.

2004-04-24 08:37:53 ET

"Always remember! every day is an adventure of one sort or another"

What an excellent way to look at life!

2004-04-24 10:02:35 ET

Thankyou Marks! I very much think so.

2004-04-25 22:35:35 ET

did you like the film?

2004-05-01 05:52:34 ET

Yes I did on a couple levels, but on another level I was a little disapointed.
From a purely film critical point I think it was fantasticaly well made. The realism was very "there". From a dramatic perspective I thought the walk to Golgotha was very over done (Icould see a definate Italian influence). But I also understand that Mel Gibson is very Catholic and that branch of Christianity places an emphisis on the suffering of Christ, (too mich I think).
What for me the film fails to capture is the intense spiritual-emotional torment that was happening to Jesus at the same time, which was in some ways far worse than the physical suffering. Too have your father with whom you have a bond much deeper than we experience turn his back on you in that way is more than I think film can express. That part of the story is a thing that is felt by a person on a very personal and private level and I don't know if it can ever be presented on screen. This coming from me a believer who in his life has tasted hopelessness.

2004-05-02 21:28:36 ET

Adventures, yes...they are always excellent...I love em and often get myself in trouble because of my knack for it.

2004-05-04 09:05:41 ET

interesting, anom. great point. thanks for sharing that.

2004-05-12 14:46:19 ET

You are very welcome.

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