Anomalism 7-14
2004-07-14 14:27:40 ET

Things seem to be going better, my attorney sent out a notice of somthing or other to the evil contractor and he must file against me to settle the liene thing in 30 days from yesterday or it will expire. My attorney hopes he does file hehe! Mrs Anomalous went to get the permits today and the septic guy starts this week. And to top it all off there is a gun show this weekend. so progress is in the end being made.

2004-07-14 14:40:06 ET

Also I have a new look, Mrs Anomalous was mowing my hair with the dog trimmer when she asked if she could play with my chin. I said sure g-head, I now have a narrow goatee from my lower lip to a point under my chin that is framed with white edges, and the moustache now curves down in two white edged scimitars with points just below my jaw. I look more sinister than ever, I promise pics as soon as I have the capability again.

2004-07-14 17:58:05 ET

yay for gun shows, house stuff going smoothly and more sinister looking facial hair!

2004-07-14 18:01:39 ET

DRAT! double post

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