Anomalism 9-9
2004-09-09 04:55:09 ET

Once again again sorry to be away so long but have great news. WE ARE IN THE HOUSE!!!! Wee Haaa! Three weeks now, tons of stuff going on,don't have phone line so I have to find a new local library. I am at work now so can't stay long but I promise much details and pics latter.

2004-09-09 05:18:44 ET

Woot! Hooray for pemanent residence!

*still a little urked that in 3 months it'll be the fourth time I've moved...*

The end result will be great though, California, here I come!

2004-09-09 05:25:29 ET

Success at long last! Congratulations!

2004-09-09 06:03:48 ET

congrats. :)

2004-09-09 06:46:54 ET

*does the happy dance*
Congrats! WooHoo!

2004-09-09 08:01:29 ET

good. i would like to see pix of this house you keep talking of!

2004-09-09 09:29:43 ET



So happy for you and the rest of the anoms. :)

2004-09-09 12:22:23 ET

awesome. glad to hear that it has gone in your favor!

2004-09-09 15:45:59 ET

*does a happy dance* Congrats!

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