Anomalism 11-4
2004-11-04 07:27:08 ET

DSL is comming soon!!! no time for more now.

2004-11-04 07:28:34 ET

no! do cable!

glad to hear from you at any rate!

2004-11-04 07:29:33 ET

Ah, the joys of broadband.

2004-11-04 07:36:35 ET

Woah,you seem really neat....just had to mention

2004-11-04 14:50:06 ET

I guess this means that you'll be around more often and I still love you even though you are from Ohio.

2004-11-25 11:34:05 ET

Hey Strangeangel= I have to move mom and dad to Safford AZ, is that any where close to you?

2004-11-25 12:50:08 ET

No, I think Safford is in Southeastern Arizona.

I live in the Phoenix metro area.

When is this going to happen?

2004-11-25 13:03:17 ET

Late Dec early Jan.

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