Anomalism 12-30
2004-12-30 06:27:46 ET

Dial up now working (will have to do ), just needed to buy new pc for too many dollars.
The good part is I can show up and post from home again (huge sigh of relief). I have painfully missed this place and too many things have been going on to be able to post from library.
I have many new pics to post but I just bought this thing and have much to set up and figure out os I may be a little slow to get the pics in.
This week along with getting the new pc I have insulated most of the attic and gotten the materials for building the hearth for the fire place so I can go down to Cinci to the parents place to get the wood burning stove(we are heating with propane and it is very expensive. We have already split a bunch of wood for the stove and only broke one axe doing it.

2004-12-30 07:00:27 ET

Welcome back!

I can't imagune my own internet connection in my own home. You are lucky!

2004-12-30 08:19:56 ET

Thank you vasa!

2004-12-30 08:47:57 ET

welcome to wood burning and splitting and all that fun stuff!
and it will be good to see you around here a bit more often too!

2004-12-30 19:42:00 ET

Welcome back. Looking forward to pictures.

How are your boys?

2004-12-31 09:53:49 ET

Strange= Thanks! the boys are doing well, Saiyamar is back down in Norfolk waiting to start "C" school what ever that is, and is enjoying being 21. Severity is now 18 and is helping me with the renovations and working part time at the local skeet range.

2004-12-31 19:00:54 ET

Your boys have beautiful names.

2005-01-04 09:01:17 ET

welcome back & stay warm

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