anomalism 1-5.05
2005-01-05 19:08:14 ET

Why does my computer log me off SK if I take more than 5 minutes to type an entry??

2005-01-05 19:09:37 ET

that's very odd.......sometimes I spend almost an hour writing entries, and it's never done that to me before.

2005-01-05 19:15:56 ET

I don' know if I need to change a setting in my pc or if my dial up server is doing it. But I've typed a long entry about EZ the kerosene soaked cat twice and it got posted to air both times and now I'm pissed and don't know who or what to fume at.

2005-01-05 19:18:28 ET

oh dear.....

2005-01-05 19:19:55 ET

Any way we think he will make it, he's had three baths and is alittle wobbly but he still purs. We will never know what posessed him to go swiming in a buckett of fuel though.

2005-01-05 19:21:05 ET

He's a very odd cat even for a cat.

2005-01-05 19:21:39 ET

awww, poor cat!!

:) have you seen the kittens on my page? They're in about the 5th most recent journal entry.

2005-01-05 19:22:32 ET

I will look now.

2005-01-05 19:24:39 ET

:) I think everyone should see the kittens.

2005-01-05 19:29:38 ET

Kittens are a blast, but then again so are cats only not as cute.
i found Lilly (lilliputian)as a kitten when I went out to chase the two young possums out of the garrage. Didn't find the possums but found a tiny palm full of fuzy ears and eyeballs instead.

2005-01-05 19:30:47 ET


Mel (paperdoll on sk)'s cat had kittens, so those are two of them. I chose mine days after they were born.

I now have six cats, and two dogs.

2005-01-05 19:32:15 ET

i like the names, Smudge in particular is cool. I have a cat named Mouse and have had in the past one named Frog and another named squid.

2005-01-05 19:33:35 ET

hahaha. Squid is a great name for a cat!

2005-01-05 19:34:15 ET

I've just got five cats at present and my son Severity has two snakes and a fish.

2005-01-05 19:35:29 ET

the most cats I've ever had here was 14, with two dogs, a rabbit, guinea pig, lovebirds, and fish.

2005-01-05 19:36:17 ET

I found Frog and Squid both on the side of the road as kittens a couple years appart.

2005-01-05 19:36:59 ET

:) awwwwwwww

2005-01-05 19:38:27 ET

I've had as many as twenty cats but only because three of mine had kittens and we found a litter on the side of the road.

2005-01-05 19:38:58 ET

I love kittens.

2005-01-05 19:41:14 ET

having 15 or so kittens running around the house was a hoot for a while.

2005-01-05 19:44:10 ET

yes, I would imagine it would be. Chloe (Mel's cat) had five of them.

2005-01-05 19:47:41 ET

I'd like to have a manx and a main coon cat some day.

2005-01-06 05:01:50 ET

The current fosters of Minx that I help out with are about to become perminant. I'd show you pictures of them but the web blocking software here won't let me. I guess they think it's kitty porn.

Their names are Temple, GiGi, and Priss. Two greys and a tortie.

2005-01-06 11:03:09 ET

I have two Maine Coon Cats.

2005-01-06 12:14:50 ET

Kilted= Are you still having allergy troubles with them?
inner= Those will get very large, I have heard of them topping 28 lbs. My bulls eye tabby Baldric has topped 20 but now that we live in the country he's back down to 15.

2005-01-06 12:19:15 ET

One of them is 27 lbs, and the other is 15 lbs.

I love them

2005-01-06 12:21:14 ET

Thats why I want a maine, I want a huge cat.

2005-01-06 12:26:35 ET


Huge cats are so much fun.

2005-01-06 13:06:17 ET

damn skippy. there is a maine coon cat here that pretty much has free reign of the little hospital/urgent care thing we've got in town. you walk into a room and see a huge lump under the blankets, you know its him.

About the logging off thing Anom, if your computer is set to log you off SK every time you leave the site that could have something to do with it

2005-01-07 05:08:44 ET

These cats don't bother my sinus, oddly enough. They killed Minx's for the first few days though.

We think they came out of a barn or were found abandoned on a roadside, they were almost feral. They're all pretty social now, so they're much more fun.

2005-01-07 05:59:02 ET

Kilted= Generally speaking we have found that alley cats (as opposed to pure breeds) seem to make the better or at least the more interesting pets. They just seem to have more complexity about them. I'm not sure that discribes what I'm trying to say very well though.

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