Anomalism 1-10.05
2005-01-10 15:35:40 ET

Today I am one more uber year untrustable. There is a popular magnum caliber that is my match (hehe) make my day.

2005-01-10 15:42:45 ET

44 or 50?

EDIT: Or maybe 3006? :D

2005-01-10 16:01:28 ET

happy .44th

2005-01-10 16:01:56 ET

I'm pretty sure he meant 3006. OLD mofo.

2005-01-10 16:05:07 ET

well, that's not really a "magnum" round. but there are 300, 454, 500 and a ton of others...

2005-01-10 16:09:35 ET

357, to be exact! (about his age) I should have known that was the one I was looking for...

2005-01-10 16:26:33 ET

Thank you both, Faint you're harsh man ;]

2005-01-10 16:28:32 ET

I'm quite friendly.

2005-01-10 16:35:26 ET

Haha! Though I am older than all of you but one.

2005-01-10 16:54:12 ET

Happy Birthday, I'm right behind you.

2005-01-10 17:29:09 ET

Anom: Who's the eldest? He must be lurking in the shadows, because I don't see many here outside their teens, twenties, or early thirties. 'cept you. :P

2005-01-10 17:38:14 ET

Cate (Skymosh) and me.

2005-01-10 18:42:52 ET

It does'nt show on them.

2005-01-10 19:20:32 ET

The womenfolk try to retain a youthful appearance, while men welcome the "distinctive" appearance age brings (except for the getting fat and bald and impotent thing).

2005-01-10 19:49:36 ET


2005-01-11 05:50:22 ET

Many happy returns upon the day.

2005-01-11 06:21:24 ET

Thank you all.

2005-01-17 20:53:53 ET

happy belated birthday.
i somehow skipped this post of yours so im a tid bit late :-p

2005-01-23 22:47:54 ET

Happy Belated Further Forays into Olde Pharteness!

We're not getting older, we're getting better. ;)

2005-01-24 13:58:33 ET

Skymosh you are so right ;)

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