Anomalism 1-24.05
2005-01-24 14:51:21 ET

I'm in Safford Arizona this week, I'm helping my parents with thier move, 3.5 days and 1800 miles driving and then unload and prep the house. Now its time to fart around and see the sights. Saw my first road runner and jack rabbit, scarred up some quail bobs and tracked a wild pig yesterday. I miss my weapons its too quiet out here.

2005-01-24 15:48:23 ET

I have seen some photos of where you're at.
Quite lovely it seems out there in the middle of nowhere.
I heard from Mrs. Anomalous that you also caught a tarantula. Very cool.
Try to keep Mr. Severity from inocculating himself with any deadly toxins via dangerous creatures whilst you vist.

2005-01-24 16:14:45 ET

hit 'em with a rock, lol!
I would.... ;-)

2005-01-24 16:41:43 ET

Severity says he will straight up hit me if I find a snake before he does

2005-01-24 16:48:06 ET

Lol, that's too funny.
Are you going snake hunting now?

2005-01-24 16:55:36 ET

Not now but not just because its dark, we could in summer hunt them at night. We (dad and I)were out looking at stars with binoculars, the moon is so bright you can see the snow on the mountain clearer than day time and you can see shadows of clouds with the unaided eye.

2005-01-24 17:15:33 ET

But is it a dry heat?

2005-01-24 18:42:11 ET


2005-01-25 05:36:27 ET

Almost as dry as reentry I,m told.

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